Core Operating Departments

Campus Services

Campus Services is a customer focused department that provides essential services to the students, faculty, and staff that live, learn, or work on campus, as well as visitors to the University. Operations include residential and retail dining program; undergraduate residence halls; catering and event management services; student center and bookstore; print and mail services; trademark licensing; transportation; and sustainability engagement and initiatives. Campus Services is committed to the customer experience, continuous improvement, and our campus partnerships in order to promote a safe and hospitable environment for all members of the Columbia community.

Construction Business Initiatives

Construction Business Initiatives manages the University Supplier Diversity program, which supports the University’s community and governmental relations by enhancing communications about contracting and job opportunities, mentoring and monitoring participation for Columbia-qualified minority-, women- and local (MWL) business enterprises, and providing tracking and reporting services for University obligations and commitments. Construction Business Initiatives is also responsible for confirming all diverse new University vendors, providing MWL capacity building programs and some local community services.

Finance and Administration

Finance and Administration provides oversight and administrative support for Columbia University Facilities and Operations in its daily operations, manages budgeting and accounting, capital finance, residential finance and parking, and develops and produces organizational analyses to assist in long-term strategic planning.

Manhattanville Development

Formed in 2006 to manage the design and construction of the Manhattanville campus, the Manhattanville Development group directly manages all aspects of development, design, construction and project management of the University's campus expansion into West Harlem.


Operations performs the regular services and repair work needed to maintain a clean, attractive, safe, and environmentally sound environment for the students, faculty, staff, and visitors of Columbia University. The group is responsible for maintaining all academic, administrative, and residence hall buildings as well as campus grounds for the Morningside Heights and Manhattanville campuses, Baker Athletics Complex and Nevis Laboratories. The Operations’ Services Center handles requests for maintenance and other facility-related assistance in the academic and administrative buildings on the Morningside campus, monitors all campus fire alarms and provides evening and weekend coverage for undergraduate housing.

Planning and Capital Project Management

Planning provides both short and long-term perspective on University space with respect to its development, use and management.  The department identifies ways to put all University space resources to their "highest and best use." Planning receives requests for space changes and provides objective analyses of central university and departmental needs to develop with potential solutions and proposed layouts. Capital Project Management directly manages a wide array of renovation and improvement projects for existing buildings for the Morningside campus, oversees all aspects of the construction of new facilities, and ensures that the highest architectural and engineering standards are maintained.

Public Safety

Public Safety enhances the quality of life for the entire Columbia community by maintaining a secure and open environment where the safety of all is balanced with the rights of the individual. With two Public Safety Operations Centers, on the Morningside and CUIMC campuses, Columbia was named one of the Safest Colleges in America 2017 by the National Council for Home Safety and Security. In a student satisfaction survey released by the University Senate in the spring of 2014, Public Safety was rated highest among all of the campus service units.

Real Estate

Real Estate is responsible for the acquisition and management of a broad range of property interests. Included among its activities is the negotiation of contracts to purchase property or development rights; the negotiation of leases for off-campus space requirements; the management of over 460,000 square feet of leased space occupied by the University; and oversight of a portfolio of properties leased to commercial tenants. Though based on the Morningside Heights Campus, the department services all of the University's locations, including the Columbia University Medical Center, the Nevis Laboratories Campus, the Lamont-Doherty Observatory, and other satellite locations.


Residential manages a portfolio of 149 graduate and faculty residential buildings around the Morningside Heights campus as well as in Manhattan Valley and Riverdale, Bronx. The department is responsible for routine operations and maintenance of over 5,700 University-owned or managed units which are used to house eligible students, fellows, and faculty and certain eligible officers of research, libraries, and administration. Through the Off-Campus Housing Assistance (OCHA) office, Residential also supports Columbia affiliates in their search for rental housing in non-Columbia-owned buildings by providing advice, resources, and an online database of available housing.

Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications manages and oversees Facilities and Operations’ major communications initiatives, including media relations, digital communications, social media, event promotion, graphic design, brand management, marketing strategy, and developing comprehensive strategic communications plans. The group's mission is to help Facilities and Operations communicate clearly, concisely and effectively.

Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) Facilities Management and Campus Services is a separate entity that is comprised of several divisions that provide services at the University’s Medical Center, including Custodial Operations, Engineering & Maintenance, Capital Project Management, Facilities Compliance, Student Housing Services, Energy Management & Sustainability, Facilities Finance & Administration, Health Sciences Library, Faculty Club, and Student Health Services.