Vendor Expectations and Requirements

The vendors who work with Columbia University are expected to share our commitment to build and maintain facilities that are of the highest quality and value while adhering to the highest ethical, sustainable, and safety standards.

Doing business with Columbia requires vendors have certain business capabilities including, but not limited to internet access, electronic billing and invoicing, financial reporting, administrative capabilities and maintaining proper insurance levels and bonding when required.

Any company wishing to do business with Columbia will be required to provide high-quality goods and services, timely delivery and competitive pricing. For more details about expectations, please see Supplier Performance Expectations below. In addition, the University will rate the performance of each vendor after every job is completed.

There are many requirements that must be met by vendors to work with Columbia. Consult the required forms and the list of University policies applicable to vendors at right in the sidebar of this page.

Performance Expectations
In addition, the University expects vendors to meet the following ethical, accounting,  and business practices:


  • Appropriate, professional conduct
  • Disclosure of any conflicts of interest with the University and its employees
  • Integrity
  • Ensure that all employees have undergone background checks


  • Knowledgeable staff to manage invoicing and contracts
  • Professional billing system (ex: Quickbooks)
  • Internet access and e-mail proficiency
  • Understanding of facility management systems


  • Offer competitive and fair pricing
  • Responsive to Columbia’s requests
  • Timely execution of work
  • Financial capacity to perform work awarded
  • Honor terms and commitments of the contract
  • Maintain required insurance levels
  • Maintain current licenses and certifications
  • Ongoing safety and compliance trainings