Congratulations to CUFO 2022 Graduates

May 19, 2022

Congratulations to eight of our Facilities and Operations colleagues who have successfully completed their degrees this academic year at schools and programs throughout Columbia while balancing the demands of a full-time job for their intellectual and professional development. 

From Sustainability Management, Construction Administration, to Information & Knowledge Strategy, the range of programs completed by members of Facilities and Operations reflects the valuable diversity of thought and variety of functions at our institution and across our division. 

This year’s graduates include: 

  • Michael Divitto III, Procurement
    M.S. in Technology Management

  • Olivia Freeland, Capital Planning Management
    Master of Business Administration 

  • Chris Hannigan, Operations (Chillershop)
    Master of Science in Sustainability Management

  • Folafunmi Odukoya, Columbia Residential
    Master of Science in Nonprofit Management

  • Lamaka Louis Opa, CUFO-IT
    Executive Master of Science in Technology Management

  • Donald Niccoli, Columbia Residential Construction
    Master of Construction Administration   

  • Oscar Roman, Real Estate
    Information and Knowledge Strategy

  • Thomas Scheiter, Operations
    Sustainability Management