Facilities and Operations Team Imparts Career Advice to High School Students

May 11, 2022

Members of the University Facilities and Operations team participated in the Industry Scholars Prep Program’s Speaker Series, part of a new initiative in the New York City Career and Technical Education (NYC CTE) curriculum that aims to increase student access and exposure to different career tracks including automotive and transportation, construction, finance, healthcare, culinary, hospitality, media and design, and IT.  

Hugo Brun-Pantoja (associate director, Operations), Vicki Dunn (assistant vice president, Dining Services), Sanjay Mahajan (executive director, Event Management), and David Grimes (associate director, Housing Services) represented Facilities and Operations, sharing about their career path, what they look for when recruiting entry-level positions, how they see the current job market, and the future of facilities management, construction and engineering.  

 The NYC CTE’s ISP Scholars Program aims to help high school students build business intelligence and prepare them for internships, apprenticeships, and workplace challenges. Industry professionals led virtual panels that discussed a range of topics from how they became involved in their work to sharing general professional skills with the students. 

The mission of NYC CTE is to ensure all NYC students graduate college and provide a high-value strategy to support both students’ postsecondary aspirations and the strength of the city’s economy. The ISP Prep Speaker Series provided CTE students who attended 150 workshop hours towards their CTE degree.