Trademark and Licensing FAQs

No. If your design incorporates any of the University crowns, please use the official crown. Do not modify, stretch, condense or colorize it, or attach other design elements to the crown.

No. Use of Athletics marks is generally reserved for the Athletics Department.

No. The University has licensed specific vendors to produce merchandise bearing Columbia’s name and marks. Each of those vendors has been vetted to ensure affiliation with the Fair Labor Association and compliance with the University’s code of conduct. The vendors assume responsibility for ensuring compliance further down the supply chain. For these reasons, it is essential that Recognized Student Groups and Internal Organizations order and purchase merchandise through the proper channels. The University’s licensed vendors carry a wide assortment of products, with a broad range of prices, but if you need assistance locating a particular product, contact [email protected].

Any inquiry about applying for a Columbia license should come from the vendor directly, and should be directed to the University’s Licensing Agent, Exemplar Associates ([email protected]). The application process is rigorous, requiring (among other things) affiliation with the Fair Labor Association, minimum insurance requirements, sales and distribution strategies, reporting capabilities, and an application fee. Each application is evaluated individually and a number of factors including current business needs are considered. Columbia’s currently licensed vendors provide a broad variety of products at a range of prices, and should be able to meet your needs. 

Unfortunately, the University does not approve the use of its logos by individuals for personal use. We recommend the Columbia University Bookstore and the Columbia University Irving Medical Center Bookstore, both of which carry an excellent assortment of apparel and gifts.

Co-branding is discouraged. However, when necessary, any non-Columbia marks on your merchandise must be smaller, secondary and separate from the Columbia names or marks, and the co-branding marks must be approved by the Licensing Office. Your Group is separately responsible for checking whether it needs to seek any additional approvals for any art or names, etc. that might be the property of third parties.