Charged Up: New Chevy Bolt

Meet the newest member of Public Safety’s green fleet, our second Chevy Bolt!

Public Safety's commitment to environmental responsibility is a key part of our ongoing mission to ensure the safety of the Columbia community. In 2008, we started moving toward a sustainable fleet with our first hybrid vehicle. As of 2017, when Public Safety converted the last gas-powered evening shuttle to a hybrid, our entire Public Safety fleet of 23 vehicles and two shuttle buses is green.


March 22, 2018
On its current charge, the Bolt can drive 104 miles before it needs to be charged again; on a full charge, it can go 238 miles.
Charging ahead: The Bolt is easy to power up sustainably, no gasoline required.
The two Bolts team up to continue building Public Safety’s commitment to sustainability.

photos: Columbia University Facilities & Operations/Eleanor Templeton