Lerner Hall Winter Break Updates

Lerner Hall is one of the most widely used buildings on campus and by nature is in a constant state of activity and change.

February 14, 2019

Winter Break provides the ideal time for facility updates and improvements, when the normally bustling building is a bit quieter. This year was no exception.

From late December 2018 through mid-January 2019, the Lerner Operations team partnered with Campus Operations to complete several important upgrades to the space. From small to large scale, all improvements make a notable impact to the way the student and campus community use the space. Highlights include:


  • Trash collection and sorting was centralized and individual trash cans from offices were removed in an effort to increase awareness of proper recycling and reduce the use of plastic bags.
  • 4th floor ramp lounges were outfitted with energy saving LED lighting fixtures
  • Metal trash cans throughout the building were rebranded with new stickers to better educate users on Columbia specific sorting and recycling practices

ADA Compatibility

  • Paddles have now been installed on restroom doors, floors 1-5 to meet ADA guidelines. By the end of FY19, Lerner Hall will be fully compliant on these floors with sink and counter configurations, mirrors, and faucets.

Space Enhancements

  • All campus lobby doors were replaced and storefront updated to improve functionality and enhance security
  • Completing a full refresh, new acoustical panels were installed in music rooms 572 and 572 for better sound quality
  • As the final step in the renovation of the auditorium, the interior and North Lobby wood floors were sanded and refinished
  • Driven by input from the Lerner Student Advisory Committee, photography depicting student life was added to rooms 476 A & B
  • The wood flooring outside room 555 was sanded and refinished