St. Paul's Chapel Roof Replacement & Exterior Restoration

Construction Update for April 6, 2018

Interior scaffolding is now complete, to facilitate the removal and restoration of the stained-glass windows in the dome. Work is commencing the week of April 9 to begin removal of the windows prior to their restoration; this process is expected to take approximately two weeks.

April 06, 2018

About the Chapel Restoration

Facilities and Operations has embarked on a project to replace the roof and restore the exterior of St. Paul's Chapel, including façade cleaning and restoration of the upper stained-glass windows. This work is critical to preventing any future damage to the interior of the building.

The historic terra cotta roof tiles will be replaced consistent with the original architecture of this landmarked building, one of just three on Columbia’s campus (the other two are Low Library and Casa Italiana). The work is being performed in phases, and protective scaffolding will remain around the entire perimeter of the chapel for the duration of the project.

Phase I work will focus on the lower-level roofs around the perimeter of the dome. The tiles will be removed and the roof structures below will be repaired. During Phase II, the scaffolding will be extended to the dome and within the chapel interior, allowing tiles to be removed and replaced from the dome, and the stained-glass windows around the dome will be removed and restored. Once restored, the windows will be reinstalled with protective glazing, as the lower Chapel windows are today. The project also entails masonry repair and cleaning of the façade.

Work is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2019.

Construction Update for March 9, 2018

Tile removal on the sloped roof below the dome is complete. Over the next few weeks, additional scaffolding is going up around the dome, and during the week of March 12, interior scaffolding installation will begin.

Some intermittent noise from construction-related activities is to be expected. In addition, as equipment for the interior scaffolding is transported from the street, Facilities and Operations may need to temporarily close either the north or south walkway around the Chapel at upper campus level.

Construction Update for January 16, 2018

As of January 16, the new scaffolding has been installed, extending over the sidewalk along Amsterdam Avenue.

Construction Update for Jan. 11, 2018

Weather permitting, on January 12 and 16, we are installing a scaffolding extension across the Chapel Gate and over the sidewalk, to permit safe debris removal.

Construction Update for Nov. 21, 2017

The Chapel Gate has reopened after a temporary closure for scaffold installation reaching the lower roofs to the left and right of the dome. Work will commence on replacing and repairing the roofing system.

Construction Update for Nov. 10, 2017

Beginning today, scaffolding around the Chapel is being changed in preparation for the restoration project. One of the perimeter walkways will be closed at various times while the scaffolding is installed. Please use caution when in the vicinity, as large equipment is being moved in and out.