Columbia Housing Launches Laundry App for Undergraduate Residence Halls

Multi-team effort across University departments brings laundry vendor technology to undergraduate residential students  

April 08, 2024

Laundry may be a chore, but it just got a bit easier to manage for Columbia undergraduate residential students. 

Columbia Housing partnered with CUFO and University IT teams, plus it’s laundry vendor Teddimatts, to introduce the Speed Queen laundry app to students living in the residence halls. 

The project was a multi-team effort: Housing first began working with IT partners within CUFO and at the University level to install new secure access points to connect the laundry machines and the network within the residence halls.   

Laundry room in Broadway residence hall

TeddiMatts then installed the mini routers, or gateways, in each of the laundry rooms. The Facilities Operations team installed new power sources and locking enclosures for the gateways in each laundry room. 

Through Speed Queen, the Columbia Housing team has access to an app dashboard for monitoring peak usage times and viewing machine errors remotely.   

The app is configured to work across all of Columbia Housing’s major residence halls and allows students to check machine availability by building and to monitor a washer or dryer’s cycle time from their mobile devices. Students can opt to receive email or text message reminders when their laundry is almost done, eliminating the “is the spin cycle done yet” guessing game. Learn more about how the app works.