Facilities and Operations Celebrates Employees for 25 Years of Service

March 10, 2023

Fifty-five Facilities and Operations employees who joined the Columbia University 25-Year Club were celebrated at an event on March 6 honoring faculty and staff across the University who marked their 25th year, and at a separate event on March 8 for the Facilities and Operations honorees.  The events recognized employees who celebrated their 25-year milestone anniversary in 2021 and 2022. 

Many of the 55 inductees have spent their careers at Columbia working in different roles and departments across Facilities and Operations and the University, demonstrating the ability to forge a successful career path at Columbia.  

“Dedication and perseverance are among the values we stand for in Facilities and Operations and there is no one who exemplifies these values more fully or more authentically than our long-time employees that provide,” said Executive Vice President of Facilities and Operations David M. Greenberg. “I am inspired to be in the company of individuals like you who have served the University with loyalty and professionalism for so long.” 

See photos of inductees by department and full list of inductees below.

List of Inductees by Department

  1. Anthony Perez, Porter  
  2. Elvis Y. Hamilton, Handy Person  
  3. Ferguson, Cleve J., Porter  
  4. Frehiwot Kebede, Porter C 
  5. Hugo R. Mero, Working Superintendent 
  6. Jorge A. Alvarado, Resident Manager 
  7. Jose R. Cotto, Door Attendant  
  8. Keith A. Mckenzie, Door Attendant  
  9. Kevin D. Watson, Door Attendant  
  10. Marah Arbaje, Portfolio Manager 
  11. Noel Rivera, Porter  
  12. Peter A. Medina, Handy Person  
  13. Robert G. Actor, Door Attendant  
  14. Robertina James, Houseworker 
  15. Richard Solano, Facilities 
  16. William E. Mero, Door Attendant  
  17. Yvette Bonilla, Houseworker 
  1. Ansell A. Bowers, Security Officer 
  2. Anthony A. Anderson, Security Officer 
  3. Cal D. Vergano, Security Officer 
  4. Darren Samuels, Security Officer 
  5. Emile A. Anderson, Integrity Control/QA Manager 
  6. Frantz H. Smith, Security Officer 
  7. Ivan H. Bowen, Security Officer 
  8. John Birikorang, Security Officer 
  9. Jose Augustin Hernandez, Security Officer 
  10. Passley St P. Hutchinson, Security Officer 
  11. Arthur Thompson, Security Officer
  1. Charles C. Kraus, Watch Engineer 
  2. Derek T. Goodman, Heavy Cleaner 
  3. Herman Capers, Heavy Cleaner 
  4. Hussein A. Gariba, Heavy Cleaner 
  5. Juliette Hutchinson, Facilities 
  6. Jorge D. Sanchez, Mechanic HVAC (CFC) 
  7. Juan C. Almonte, Head Cleaner (Revised) 
  8. Katherine M. Beers, Fire Safety Control Assistant 
  9. Keith D. Gordon, Estimator 
  10. Lourdes Payamps, Heavy Cleaner 
  11. Luz Adriana Palacios, Heavy Cleaner 
  12. Neris Baez, Head Cleaner  
  13. Paul W. Bacani, Watch Engineer 
  14. Quinney Richburg, Porter C 
  15. Ray D'Aguilar, Mechanic 
  16. Ruben A. Vega, Mechanic 
  17. Samuel E. Glenn, Assistant Mechanic 
  18. Robert Vargas, Facilities 
  19. Veeramuthu Kalimuthu, Mechanic 
  1. Altagracia A. Hernandez, Cashier 
  2. Charles K. White, Head Short Order Cook 
  3. Dayana Moran, Customer Service Rep 
  4. Hector Checo, Head Porter 
  5. Josenilda I. Hernandez, Cashier 
  6. Orlando Ortiz, Columbia Transportation 
  7. Pedro Gonzalez, Pantry Worker 
  8. Victor M. Mercedes, Head Service Worker