Facilities and Operations, IT Implements Its First Mobile App for Everyday Use

Mobile App for Facilities and Operations Staff Who Service Work Orders

January 21, 2019

Facilities and Operations Information Technology (CUFO-IT) has launched EZMaxMobile, an app that simplifies the work management process for service technicians assigned to complete the more than 150,000 work orders Facilities and Operations completes on average each year.  EZMaxMobile is the first mobile app that CUFO-IT has adopted for everyday use, joining Columbia Dining’s iValidate app used to process payments at special events.

The new app provides building superintendents and service technicians mobile access to Maximo, the work management system that Facilities and Operations uses to intake, assign, manage and complete work orders. Through the app, service technicians will receive notifications on their phone when a work order has been assigned to them and can update the status of the work order in real time.  In addition to creating a simpler work management process, other benefits of EZMaxMobile include improved efficiency, improved sustainability by reducing paperwork, and increased equipment performance.

EZMaxMobile is currently in use as a limited pilot for 40 selected users across Columbia Residential, Campus Operations and Manhattanville Operations.  The app will be deployed to a larger universe of service technicians across Facilities and Operations at the conclusion of the pilot program, anticipated for the middle of 2019.

The adoption of EZMaxMobile, the industry recognized leader in mobile solutions for Maximo, continues CUFO-IT’s efforts to improve the service request and work management process for customers and service technicians, advance Facilities and Operations’ work management system following the transition from MP2 to Maximo and rollout of the online service request portal in 2014.