Public Safety Celebrates Employee Perfect Attendance and Promotions Over the Past Year

March 18, 2021

60 members of Public Safety were recognized for their perfect attendance or earning a promotion over the past year, receiving certificates from their supervisors in place of the annual Public Safety Promotion, Awards, and Recognition Ceremony which was postponed this year due to the pandemic. 

An incredible 52 members of Public Safety had perfect attendance over the last year, and another eight were recognized for earning a promotion. The number of employees with perfect attendance represents a 44 percent increase from the previous year's number – particularly remarkable given the myriad challenges associated with the pandemic. Eight employees who have earned promotions over the past year were also recognized. 


Despite not having a formal ceremony like in past years, the recipients’ commitment to serving the Columbia community with the values of pride, professionalism and service have never been more pronounced than during the pandemic.  

“I am so proud of our team, who have worked round-the-clock shifts to respond and perform their duties on campus on a daily basis over the past year, proactively taking steps to ensure the health and safety of our entire Columbia community,” says Vice President of Columbia Public Safety James McShane. “The critical role they play is of heightened importance during these challenging times and their actions speak to their dedication.” 

Of the perfect attendance awardees, six –Pericles Almanzar, Emmanuel Asante, Delano Steele, Patrick Oakley, Jaime Rodriguez, and Michael Layne – have not taken a sick day in more than a decade, with this year marking Layne’s 20th straight year of perfect attendance. 

For Michael Layne, coming to work every day over the past year had nothing to do with keeping his 20-year perfect attendance streak going, and more about showing responsibility towards his role. “This is more than just a job,” says Layne who started in the department in August of 2000 as a security officer, responsible for covering the dormitories and patrolling the campus. “It is what I will look back on and remember as my duty to keep others safe.” Read the special feature on Michael Layne as he reflects on his dedicated responsibility as a Security Officer for the Department of Public Safety and his favorite memories of sharing his love for music with students.

Officer of Administration - Perfect Attendance Recipients

Uniformed Officers - Perfect Attendance Recipients