Public Safety Celebrates Employee Perfect Attendance and Promotions Over the Past Year

March 15, 2022

54 members of Public Safety were presented with certificates from their supervisors in recognition of their perfect attendance or earning a promotion over the past year. 

An incredible 45 members of Public Safety had perfect attendance, with three of those who earned perfect attendance joining another nine team members in celebrating a promotion. 

Despite not hosting the annual Public Safety Promotion, Awards, and Recognition Ceremony which has been postponed due to the pandemic, the recipients’ commitment to serving the Columbia community with the values of pride, professionalism and service has never been more pronounced.   

“The last two years have been unlike any other in our lifetimes, with the pandemic redefining the way we live,” says Interim Vice President of Columbia Public Safety Deidre Fuchs. “I am grateful and proud of the outstanding courage and commitment to duty that the Public Safety team has demonstrated daily to be present for the Columbia community.”  

  1. Mahmood Ahmad, Morningside, Financial Assistant 
  2. Jean Abraham, CUIMC, Security Officer 
  3. Adeyemi Adegoke, CUIMC, Security Officer 
  4. Pericles J. Almanzar, Morningside, Security Officer 
  5. Anthony A. Anderson, Morningside, Security Officer 
  6. Pasquale Antonacci, Morningside, Asst Director-Special Ops/Evnt 
  7. Emmanuel Asante, CUIMC, Security Officer 
  8. Mumuni Baba, CUIMC, Security Officer 
  9. Marc J. Bowens, Morningside, Security Officer 
  10. Kathleen M Caravello, Morningside, Sergeant 
  11. Charles M. Dempsey, Morningside, Manager Tech System Admin 
  12. Biram Diouf, Morningside, Security Officer 
  13. Osmond K. Ebanks, Manhattanville, Manager-Technology 
  14. Laurie G Edwards, Morningside, Security Officer 
  15. Jorge L Farina, Manhattanville, Exec Director-Technology Proj 
  16. Oscar Farina, Morningside, Manager-Physical Security 
  17. Omar Garcia, CUIMC, Manager-Technology
  18. Mark T. Gershon, CUIMC, Security Officer 
  19. Emmanuel Grant, CUIMC, Security Officer 
  20. Kwame Henderson, Morningside, Technician-Physical Security 
  21. Luis C. Hinojosa, Morningside, Security Officer 
  22. Jeoung Hwang, Manhattanville, Sr Support Sys Specialist 
  23. Fernando R. Jaquez, Morningside, Manager-Technology  
  24. Emmanuel Joseph, CUIMC, Security Officer 
  25. Jimmy Lai, Morningside, Asst Director-Planning/Admin 
  26. Michael W. Layne, Morningside, Security Officer 
  27. Daniel Lord, CUIMC, Sr Investigator 
  28. Barrington Lynch, CUIMC, Security Officer 
  29. Antonio Merius, Morningside, Administrator-Physical Sec Sys 
  30. Ricardo Morales, Morningside, Asst Director-Crime Prevention 
  31. John J. Murolo, Morningside, Director-Public Safety 
  32. Patrick J Oakley, Morningside, Director-Public Safety Ops 
  33. Michael Pellegrino, Manhattanville, Investigator 
  34. Omar Piron, CUIMC, Manager-ID Card Center 
  35. Maria Elena Ramos, Morningside, Director-Finance & Admin 
  36. Robert Ramos, Manhattanville, Director-Public Safety Ops 
  37. Jaime Rodriguez, Morningside, Security Officer 
  38. Lisandro Rodriguez, Morningside, Security Officer 
  39. Mario Silvera, Morningside, Specialist-Tech Support Sys 
  40. Delano R. Steele, Morningside, Patrol Captain 
  41. Yiling Tang, Morningside, Director-Technology 
  42. Joe Taveras, Morningside, Manager-Technology Projects 
  43. Joe Toribio, CUIMC, Security Officer 
  44. Bashir Tunau, Morningside, Security Officer 
  45. Branko Mathew Yurisak,  Manhattanville, Assistant Director-MV