Reopening of Studebaker Building 131st Lobby Marks Completion of 131st Street Utilities Project at Manhattanville Campus

November 07, 2019

The Studebaker Building’s original lobby and West 131st Street will be reopening Monday, November 11, marking the completion of the site utilities project for the Manhattanville campus. 

The Studebaker lobby at West 131st Street was refreshed with new lighting, painting, wainscoting of walls, as well as a new security desk and turnstiles, similar to what is in place at other Columbia buildings in Manhattanville.  The lobby will once again serve as the building’s main entrance, with entry no longer available at West 132nd Street.   

The utilities project – part of the broad Manhattanville campus development – included the installation of new sanitary, storm, and gas lines; electrical conduit for IT and street lighting; new curbs, sidewalks, streetlights; waterproofing, and connections from the Studebaker Building to the new utilities.   

A repaved West 131st Street with the Columbia Business School construction site to the left.

With the completion of the utilities project, West 131st Street has reopened for one-way traffic going west from Broadway towards 12th Avenue, with sidewalk access on the north side of the street.  The street will remain one-way with the south sidewalk closed until completion of the new Columbia Business School in early 2022. 

Columbia Transportation has updated stops on four shuttle bus routes (Manhattanville Loop, Intercampus Shuttle, Lamont-Doherty Shuttle, and Public Safety Evening Shuttle) in anticipation of these openings.  An updated timetable for the Manhattanville Loop and details for all shuttle bus stop and schedule changes can be found on the Columbia Transportation website