Repairs and Historic Restoration of Low Library Second Floor Lobby

December 05, 2019

Facilities and Operations has commenced repairs and a historic restoration of the second floor lobby of Low Memorial Library, the first academic building constructed on the Morningside campus in 1897. 

Historic preservation specialists worked with an architect to develop the full scope of work, which includes repairs to the ornate plaster ceiling and walls, and cleaning of the gilded column capitals, masonry, chandelier and light pendants.

As Low Library is a landmark building, all work requires conservators performing at a high-level of detail and meticulousness to ensure that the restoration is in keeping with the building’s historic intent.  Conservators used methods to achieve the desired result including the examination of paint samples in a lab and the testing of multiple cleaning agents.

The historic preservation contractor tests multiple cleaning agents at the gilded bronze column capital to determine which one will most effectively restore the intended finish.

In addition, the project site is protected with elaborate sound barriers with felt-lined panels and plastic covering that are designed to minimize noise and protect the building from dust.

Work on the project is progressing on schedule, with an anticipated completion date in February 2020.