Summer 2019 Construction Projects

May 21, 2019

After a productive academic year, the summer provides an opportunity for many students and faculty to take a well-deserved break and celebrate the accomplishments made throughout the year. For Facilities and Operations, the summer is an ideal time to perform a wide range of improvements, large and small, as some can only take place when the weather is warmer or the campus is less populated.

This summer, a significant number of projects will take place across the Morningside and Manhattanville campuses and Baker Athletics Complex, including residence hall upgrades, new accessibility ramps, and laboratory renovations.  Highlights of improvements performed during the summer are outlined below for summer projects and ongoing renovations in alphabetical order by building, with a map showing the project locations.

If you have questions or concerns about any construction project taking place this summer, please email [email protected] or call the Facilities Services Center, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, at (212) 854-2222.

Summer Projects

1. Avery Hall 700 Level

Existing flooring on the seventh floor is being replaced.

2. Carman Hall 300, 400, 500, and 600 Levels

Third phase of mechanical, plumbing and finish upgrades to the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth floors of Carman Hall. New lounges, disability accessible rooms, and ten-person suites are being added on each floor . Additional upgrades include new bedroom and bathroom finishes as well as new fan-coil units and associated plumbing infrastructure.

3. Chandler Hall 600 and 700 Levels
Fume hoods on the sixth and seventh floors are being replaced, and include adjacent casework and support services, and infrastructure including electrical, plumbing and life safety devices.

4. College Walk
Existing bollards at the Amsterdam Avenue College Walk entrance are being replaced.

5. Earl Hall
Replacement of all windows on the first to third floors of Earl Hall. 

The cheek walls and stairs leading to the Broadway entrance of Earl Hall are being repaired.  The stairs will be reset with new granite cheek walls consistent with campus architecture.

6. East Campus Residence Halls
Roof replacement on the high and low rise residences, installation of new electrical risers and capacity to support the replacement of gas cooking appliances with electric, and replacement of mechanical piping and insulation in upper level residences.

7. Engineering Terrace 200 Level and Garage
A new engineering innovation/design hub and administrative office space is being created on the second floor of the Engineering Terrace building.

Preventative maintenance is being performed to the garage's structural support.

8. International Affairs Building 500 Level
Supplemental cooling is being installed for the server room on the fifth floor.

9. Lerner Hall
Replacement of Lerner Hall Broadway side doors and storefronts including full replacements of the radio station entrance door/storefront, Roone Arledge Auditorium entrance doors/storefronts (with additional disability access), and Columbia Bookstore entrance doors, storefront and revolving door.

10. Low Plaza and Kent Hall
Installation of permanent accessibility ramps at Low Plaza adjacent to Kent Hall and at the Kent Hall College Walk entrance. These ramps replace the metal ramps that had been in place previously.

11. Mail Service Center
Renovation of the Mail Service Center in the Service Building in the Grove (below Dodge Fitness Center) to allow for better use of space and provide new changing rooms for men and women.

12. Northwest Corner Building
Completing the site plan for the Northwest Corner Building, a new Public Safety guard booth is being installed on West 120th Street.

13. Schermerhorn Hall 200 and 800 Levels
Installation of air conditioning systems in support of newly constructed telecommunications rooms.

14. South Lawn
A new drainage system is being installed in the South Field East Lawn to address oversaturation, leading to faster recovery time and more access.

The South Field lawns will also be resodded. 

15. Wien Hall 1000, 1100, and 1200 Levels
Final phase of finish upgrades to the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth floors bedrooms in Wien Hall, including new flooring in single rooms, new vanities replacing the previously separate sinks and mirrors, and the replacement of radiators.

Ongoing Construction and Renovation Projects

1. 538 W. 114th Street Brownstone
Intended for graduate student housing, the brownstone’s interior is undergoing a full renovation with additional bedrooms and bathrooms for added occupancy.  Renovations also include a kitchen, dining area, recreational room, and laundry room. The first floor bathroom will be accessible, with a lift installed for access between the first floor and basement.

2. Computer Science Building Courtyard
The interior courtyard is being renovated with new landscaping, perimeter trees and the installation of a new seating area.

3. Fairchild 900 Level
Renovation of lab space on the ninth floor to accommodate a wet lab, office and conference room and computational lab as well as a reconfiguration of shared equipment rooms and collateral move of an existing lab to the north end of the floor.

4. Havemeyer Hall 100, 400, and 500 Levels
New testing rooms and a proctor's office for disability services and associated accessible restroom are being created on the first floor.

On the fourth floor, laboratory space will be renovated to accommodate a new wet lab and an adjacent wet lab are being upgraded at 430 Havemeyer for a future hire.

In addition, a fume hood and adjacent finishes are being renovated on the fifth floor that were damaged in a fire.

5. International Affairs Building, Ancel Plaza
Repairs to reduce water leaks from northern most portion of Ancel Plaza

6. Kent Hall 400 and 500 Levels
Reconfiguration and renovation of existing administrative and academic suites on the west end of the fourth and fifth floors to increase faculty and administrative offices and create spaces to facilitate small group language teaching.

7. Low Library
The lobby ceiling on the second floor is undergoing a historic restoration, requiring a full investigation to inform repairs and restoration of ceilings, paint, and other elements.

8. Mudd Building 200 and 300 Levels
Existing bathrooms on the second and third floors are being renovated to more evenly distribute male, female and gender-neutral restrooms, increase disability access, and introduce a building standard for durable and efficient fixtures and finishes.

9. Northwest Corner Building 1300 Level
Renovation of lab space on the thirteenth floor to co-locate computational dry lab research facilities with traditional biology wet lab spaces.

10. Schermerhorn Hall 300 and 600 Levels
Construction of new dry lab on the third floor to support the Department of Psychology, including new testing rooms, work station area, waiting area, office, pantry, and video wall, along with upgraded HVAC and mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection infrastructure.

Room 601 is being renovated to include offices, shared workspace, a computational lab workspace, conference room, a virtual reality suite, a pantry, and ancillary open teamwork spaces as well.

11. St. Paul's Chapel
Facilities and Operations will replace the roof and restore the exterior of St. Paul's Chapel. The historic terra cotta roof tiles will be replaced consistent with the original architecture, and the building exterior will be cleaned and restored. The roof replacement is critical to preventing future damage to the building interior. In addition, the stained-glass windows in the dome are being cleaned, restored and protected. The pathways around the chapel are anticipated to remain open during construction work.

12. Wien Courtyard
The main gates entering Wien Courtyard at West 116th Street will be restored.