CUFO FAQ: Why am I seeing more protective sidewalk shedding on and around campus?

April 15, 2019

As you walk in and around the Morningside campus, you may notice more protective sidewalk shedding installed around buildings.

The majority of this protective shedding is connected to the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) Façade Inspection Safety Program.  The Façade Inspection Safety Program, which was first established in 1998 as Local Law 11, requires property owners to perform exterior facade inspections on buildings and issue reports to the NYC DOB on a rotating five-year cycle.  As safety is our highest priority and following code, Columbia erects sidewalk protective shedding when exterior façade repairs are deemed necessary after the inspection is complete and filed with the NYC DOB.

Protective shedding is also installed around other construction projects not associated with the Façade Inspection Safety Program, such as the current restoration of St. Paul’s Chapel, to protect pedestrians and surrounding property from potential falling debris associated with those construction projects.

All protective shedding is removed once the projects have been completed and passed inspection.

Want to learn more about sidewalk sheds? This website maintained by the Department of Buildings is updated daily with information about every shed in the city.